Repair and Reguvenate your body!Trasform your body and your life !

Repair and Reguvenate your body!Trasform your body and your life !

Optimal Health represents the highest achievement in one’s life and does not just mean to avoid illnesses. Health is related to physical, emotional, spiritual and social harmony that is achieved through a balanced life.


Optimal Health

Mental, Physical well-being and Macrohealth!

In OPTIMAL HEALTH are provided modern knowledge and directions of biology to take control of health in our hands, and to create a personalized action plan to optimize the body at all levels!

My steps for MACROHEALTH..

Detecting the needs of your cells

Detox - Cell regeneration - Anti-aging

By recognizing what is really happening in the cellular function of your body and identifying any biochemical deficiencies and imbalances, we ensure the strengthening of the immune system and the regeneration of your cells.

We get the SUITABLE vitamins

By detecting with specific diagnostic tools, the needs of vitamins and trace elements of each organism, what and how much your body needs, we determine which vitamins are necessary for your organism. Thus, we put an end to the reckless use of dietary supplements that do not have the desired effect and the spending of money on preparations that do not offer anything to your body.

Personalized Diet Plan

If you are tired of exhausting diets, diets of different types and you do not see the desired result in your body, I suggest you a different approach! Play the game for a healthier life ... through specific tests we find out what is happening in your cells and through simple steps we correct any damage and you ensure:



BIOHACKING.... my approach!

Biohacking is the science and the art of being able to change the biochemistry of the body in order to strengthen the body.

It is very important to be able to regain vitality every day.

Biohacking involves the application of lifestyle changes that improve the functioning of the organism.


The Scientific Manager

Nikol Rafa

Nikol Rafa

Nikol Rafa was born and raised in Athens.

She studied  biology at the Università degli Studi di Trieste, Italy, specialized in molecular biology where she learned basic molecular biology and biochemistry techniques.

Prevention and Strengthening of the body!

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