Preventive Nutrition

3) Personalized Nutrition


The role of food is crucial to the maintenance of life. The overconsumption of food and food selection are associated to the development of chronic diseases. When the body is fed properly, body functions also work properly.
More and more people develop illnesses because of unbalanced metabolism.
Food is a source of energy which is necessary for movement, reproduction, growth and for carrying out in general all functions necessary to sustain life and perpetuate the species.
Based on the results of metabolomic examinations, advisory personalized guidance on eating is provided, which allows us to restore normal function through diet and supplementation of cofactors that may have disappeared. Vitamins, combined with a balanced diet, play a dominant role in the creation of a protective shield against disease.
We provide nutritional guidance and training, so that the individual will have the knowledge of the correct choice of food to be consumed.